What?! Two applications on one skinny 2.5 acre lot?

After withdrawing his application for a Tier 3 Marijuana Producer/Process license on Ferry Road, Laurent Bentitou is at it again. There are now TWO applications for Marijuana Producer/Processor licenses at his vacation property at 1395 Lopez Sound Road. One is a Tier 2 for Lopez Island Cannabis Company (application #413450) and the other is a Tier 3 for Ceres/Saturn (application #428265).  The property on Lopez Sound Road is on protected shoreline, designated RFF.  It’s 2.5 acres, a narrow strip with wetlands, approximately 120 feet wide by 880 feet long.  The photo below illustrates how this would look, showing the proximity to neighboring properties. Laurent Bentitou has one well which produces 3.2 gallons/minute. Do you think it makes sense that there are no regulations in place in San Juan County to prevent this? This is industrial marijuana in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood.