Community Letters

In early January we received copies of letters sent in opposition to Marijuana Application #427732 via a public record request. The letters numbered in the hundreds. We have posted letters below from those people who have explicitly given us permission to do so. More record requests are in progress and we hope to be able to add more soon.

This is the gateway to our small magical island and community...We are opposed to the negative impacts that this commercial operation would bring to our unusual and magical way of life.
—John Warson and Cathie Mehler, Lopez Farm Cottage & Tent Camping

Lopez Island is known for family bicycling tourism. This facility is on the primary gateway used by families going to and from the ferry.
Moira & Dan, Ag kitchen + Farm Stand on Lopez

“I respectfully submit that this application be denied so that Lopez and other beautiful and pastoral San Juan Islands remain places where residents and tourists alike will continue to enjoy the rural outdoor environment without the blight of a commercial marijuana operation.”
Tom Hale, Founder & President, Backroads

“…strong persistent odors, grow structures/sheds, a processing barn possibly using hazardous solvents requiring special handling and waste disposal, night-time grow light and security light pollution, perimeter security barriers and surveillance cameras, noise, additional traffic...”
— Tad Cline, long-time Lopezian who is pro-agriculture

“People live here to enjoy nature and not to have to deal with constant light pollution. Animals and birds are adversely affected by nighttime light...This would drastically change what makes this island special.”
— Sharon Tauber & Alex Rodriguez

“I feel horrified at the thought of a Marijuana farm being set up here, not only in our beautiful island community, but even worse, right on the attractive main route into the village from the ferry landing...I came to this charming island for it’s rural family friendly environment.”
—Toby Philps

“Totally inappropriate location for a Tier 3 commercial Marijuana grow operation impacting our local environment, land values, rural beauty and character of this small close knit island. No Thank you.”  
—Janis Miltenberger

“The road (Ferry Rd) is the main entrance to our island from the ferry landing- all traffic must go by this property and will be affected by the industrial faction that is SO OUT OF PLACE on Lopez Island”
--Lori Taylor

“Businesses here are friendly, forthcoming and amiable. In contrast, the proposed developers of this operation have attempted to mislead the community about the extent and consequences of the proposal.”
—John Waugh

“It’s not a place for an industrial-scale farming operation. The farm itself will be an eye- and nose- sore, and the commercial marijuana industry will be a stark contrast to the quiet, clean preserve that surrounds the proposed site.”
—Jeff Henshaw

“We are a small island of 2400 residents with diverse interests. In our view the adoption of this proposal not only sets an unwelcomed precedent but is also inconsistent with the unique values and character of this Island community.”
— Rip & Julie Van Camp

“The land itself, including underground aquifer and wetlands, could be irreparably harmed. Our property values will inevitably drop just because of the intrusion this would be on our beautiful island landscape.”
—Thomas & Tammy Pal

“There are at least two community water well heads within a half mile of the subject property (Willbrook Wellhead and Odlin Wellhead), consequently we are concerned about excessive water usage by a growing operation of commercial scale as well as any contaminants that might be released into our fragile island freshwater lens (i.e. surrounded by seawater).”
— Allan & Marcia Stoner

“To even think a commercial venture like a large marijuana farm and production facility on a remote, environmentally protected and beautiful island would meet with public approval is ludicrous.”
—Steven R. Hill

“The San Juan Islands are a National Treasure. Please do not pollute them by allowing this application to be approved.”
— Bill & Gayle Blair

“Motion detectors, pressure switches, duress, panic and hold-up alarms may also be used and a complete video surveillance system. This kind of establishment is just not compatible with a small, agrarian community.”
—Anne Trench

“There is no reason to invite this bedlam to our quiet Island. It will change the flavor of the island forever. There are many areas on the mainland with many underutilized industrial sites that would be more appropriate for a "growing building” that would be secure and have better water supply.” 
—Karen Hattman