No Industrial Marijuana on Lopez Island


Laurent Bentiou had three unsuccessful bids to build a large-scale marijuana production facility on Lopez Island. The SayNoLopez group’s efforts to fight against industrial marijuana on Lopez Island succeeded, and there is now a moratorium on all new marijuana production and processing licenses in San Juan County. The County Council enacted the moratorium on April 2, 2019 which was renewed on October 1 and will remain in effect for another 6 months during which time the county will work on regulations for marijuana production and processing.

Our Concerns

~ High water usage
~ 8’ screened security fencing
~ Surveillance cameras
~ Skunk-like odors
~ Decreased property values
~ Law Enforcement Impacts

Join Us, Please

Over 400 Lopezians have joined us in our push for regulations in San Juan County regarding marijuana production and processing. Join the coalition of citizens and businesses who have publicly declared their opposition to industrial marijuana on Lopez Island.

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